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Wellness Services

We know you want to increase your energy, get rid of that bloated belly, have clearer skin, and live pain-free. The road to wellness is not always linear but that’s why we do what we do - our mission is to help get you feeling your best in the most efficient way possible - and that’s exactly what living Well BYND means. When you feel your best, anything is possible! 

What we offer.

women's health / gut health / skin health / sleep & mood / autoimmune diseases / chronic conditions & more

acute & chronic injuries / headaches / tendonitis / sciatica / stress management / pre & postnatal care / joint discomfort & more 

detoxification / cellulite reduction / immune support / bowel regulation / blood circulation / body contouring & more

hydrafacial / chemical peels / dermaplaning / microneedling / AlumierMD skin care & more

pain management / stress management / muscle tension / headaches / joint discomfort / digestive issues / sleep disorders / allergies / women's health / respiratory conditions

meal planning / intuitive eating / skin health / gut issues / detoxification / blood sugar regulation & more

pain management / TMJ / pregnancy related issues / joint & muscle tension  / joint & muscle tension / mental stress & more

weight loss / muscle relaxation & pain relief / immune support / circulatory support / detoxification / purifies skin & more

IV Therapy & Injections

B12 shots / detox drip / immune & energy boost / pms no more / glow BYND / gut healthy & more

stress reduction / emotional balance / pain management / energy imbalance / improved sleep / enhanced immunity / spiritual growth

Francesca helped me feel more confident from the inside out. Not only did she drastically improve my skin, but she educated me along the way more than I ever could have imagined. Her knowledge, passion and skill is unmatched. She curated a treatment plan specifically for my skin and my goals, making sure that we got to the root of the issues.Thank you Fran and the entire WellBYND team for being so incredible. If you are looking for a holistic approach to your beauty, health, and everything-in-between goals, this is the place!

Michelle F.

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