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Dilene Duarte

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

Hi! I’m Dilene. As a skin-care specialist, I’ve spent over 18 years working to enhance my clients’ natural beauty through a unique wellness experience that combines lymphatic drainage, body sculpting, and cellulite-reducing practices to help boost immunity and aid in overall health.

Born in Brazil, I draw from my upbringing in a wholistic environment, and have since focused my esthetics practice in areas that support natural healing with effective results. Through natural, preventative measures, I’ve honed in on my skills over nearly two decades of experience, and promises to deliver luxury services to all of my clients in need of alternative wellness methods that nourish the body and feed the soul.

I proudly have an impressive collection of international certifications, all designed to further my passion for well-being, beauty maintenance, and personal health. Among these accomplishments, I specialize in lymphatic massage, cellulite reduction, and immunological self-care – all services offered to enhance any wellness routine and personally designed for my client’s specific needs.

Whether you are looking to eliminate toxins, combat bloat, or aid your body in its own healing process, I believe that when we feel better, we do better, and that personal care is the first step we take to ensure that the rest of our lives are lived to the fullest!

Dilene Duarte
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