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Dr. Michael Morley


Dr. Michael Morley is the chiropractor at Well BYND. He developed his passion for delivering the highest quality of care to his patients by certifying in Neurofunctional Acupuncture at McMaster University and as a Titleist Performance Institute practitioner. Dr. Morley is an accomplished athlete, playing competitive hockey, baseball and lacrosse and in his free time is an avid golfer.

Dr. Morley personalizes each treatment session for every patient in order to address the root cause of their issue and not just the symptoms, treating from a neuroanatomical and functional perspective. He understands that each patient has their own unique goals and he will work together with you to set and achieve them. Dr. Morley combines a variety of techniques including joint-manipulation, MRT, electro-acupuncture, IASTM, cupping therapy and rehabilitative exercises in order to create successful treatment plans.

Dr. Morley is very successful in treating both chronic and acute pain, migraines, sports injuries, mobility issues, post-surgical rehabilitation and new or existing scars. If you suffer from any of the above or simply want to improve your overall wellness then book in wth Dr. Morley.

Dr. Michael Morley
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