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Thais R. Àlvs

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapist

My passion for wellness extends beyond technique and theory. I believe in the transformative power of touch and energy, and I incorporate this belief in every treatment I provide. My hands do not merely perform a massage, they communicate with the body, understanding its needs and responding with the appropriate care.

The heart of my services are overall care of both body and mind, giving special attention to the parasympathetic nervous system helping with stress and anxiety management, fertility and pregnancy support, brain health and body detoxification.

Lymphatic drainage massage is holistic approach to health, aiming to reduce inflammation, swelling and water retention, improve sleep quality, aid in digestive health, boost the immune system, accelerate recovery post-surgery or trauma among many health benefits. Your body will thank you with an even better appearance and much lighter feeling.

This therapy goes beyond the surface, touching the core of your wellbeing. Together, we can embark on a journey towards better health, wellness, and a harmonious balance between body and mind.

I started my lymphatic drainage learning journey in 2018 in my home country of Brazil with trainings by Renata França, leading me to the international Dr. Vodder School of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD). I haven’t stopped learning ever since and have dedicated my professional life to help others achieve optimal health and mindset.

Since moving to Toronto last summer with my daughters, both attending university, I felt again inspired by them and decided to go back to school myself. I now am a student of acupuncture and will continue to add more skills and knowledge to further my practice.

Thais R. Àlvs
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