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Dr. Erica Arcuri

Founder & Naturopathic Doctor

Hi! I’m Erica. I am the Founder of Well BYND and Naturopathic Doctor passionate about all things hormones, skin & gut.

I believe that people need to feel empowered in order to take ownership of their own self-care, healthy habits and health outcomes. I work with the “80/20s” of the wellness world – the ones who understand the importance of incorporating daily health practices, but don’t want to live their lives on a “cleanse”.

I’m here to work with you, wherever that is at this moment, to create a wellness plan authentic to your needs, and to provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to heal.

Let’s go BYND the basic elements of nutrition and exercise. Let’s introduce new ways of healing that your body hasn’t experienced before.Let’s find that ultimate state of balance.

Dr. Erica Arcuri
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